The Milli Sleep monitors the user’s sleep throughout the night comfortably using a finger sensor.

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Touchscreen, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


Monitoring the fingertip.

Intuitive interface

Sign up, measure and view the history.


Ergonomic, simple, practical and stylish.

Sleep Disorders

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea undiagnosed and untreated can cause or aggravate diverse diseases such as: diabetes, obesity, hypertension, heart failure, heart attack, cardiac arrhythmia, stroke, among others.

Measuring procedure

1. Register

Intuitive padding of the main user data. Possibility of including various user profiles.

2. Measuring

Various parameters measurements are monitored: Oximetry, Pulse, PVI, PI, RR, EtCO2, InsCO2, Ronco dB, desaturation event.

3. Result

You can forward the measurement results via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or printing.

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