It’s a graphical interface that records and monitors the progress of labor.


The partrograma is a graphical representation of the evolution of labor.

It helps monitor the normal standards, so that deviations can be easily recognized and corrected promptly.

The Milli Partus interface supports monitoring and identification of abnormalities that occur during labor. Notifications specify which abnormality is occurring, ensuring that the obstetrician quickly adopt appropriate behaviors.


Printed report Milli Partus.


Saves many women in labor profiles.


Monitoring each hour.


Profile Photo of laboring women.


Via bluetooth, e-mail, print and send to computer.


Interface with feedback assists in the identification of anormalities/dystocia during labor.

Prolonged active phase

Dilation less than 1 cm per hour.

Secondary dilation stop

Cervical dilation maintained. Exceeds warning line. After two successive rings with an interval of 2 hours or more.

Precipitate labor

Dilation and expulsion in a period less or equal to 4 hours.

Secondary descent stop

Lowering stop for at least 1 hour after maximum swelling.

Extended pelvic period

Descent too slow after completing dilation:> 1h and multiparous> 2h primiparous.

Prolonged latent phase

nulliparous:> 20h duration
multiparous:> 16h duration

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