Manifest by the emergence of humanization

Documents, please. Wait will soon be answered. "It's 4 am. I'm waiting in the hospital emergency room, stunned. My mind just realize dim lights, unable to distinguish them. Doctors and nurses go, fast ... I wait ... as my body burning. I fall asleep and countless times agreement, moving between rooms to be taken to the service. The consultation just as quickly when the new request so I wait ...

It’s time. No one has doubts about the urgency of Humanization in all areas of health. Its benefits are numerous and are widely advertised as the various ways to provide humane care.

But even so, the Humanization is precarious.

Because? Do we need another hundred reports and advertisements prompting the need for Humanization? Or worry over a dozen conferences? the publication of more thousands of scientific articles required?

Why the speech does not reflect the reality?
What are we waiting to happen?

You have to lose the fear of ourselves. We can much more, we go further: to emerge the best we have in common benefit. Look at technology as an extension of human capabilities such as an amplifier than the professional has to offer. Not just give more of us, but exponentially expand our capabilities, making technological advances a broadcast channel our humanizing potential.

See technology as a bridge from one human to another.

It’s time, this is the future.

It is the right time to take another step.

Enhance the better human being and let your best be improved. Our latent capacities should be encouraged and precisely why we developed techniques to express ourselves artistically, make choices, communicate, create languages.

It is natural human being interact, as it is of its essence to create tools and seek to overcome it. We do not believe that makes sense isolated and obsolete technology, which is the way it is currently being considered. Against the Humanization, provide us daily complex, difficult, uncomfortable, unpleasant and little adaptive equipment, all these only hinder the work of professionals and prevent the interaction between people.

It is clear that beyond the human potential, we must “human being” in the technological world. So how urgent it is that technology is not an ornament or embellishment, but that really expand the scope of our health professionals.

For this, the technology that we have focused on more human interaction that connect people simply and magically. A technology that seeks to be as natural as it is natural for man to create technology.