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The secrets to undertake in 2017

By December 16, 2016Award

The history of Hi Technologies, which manufactures equipment to measure vital signs of patients, is above all a story of resilience. Marcus Figueiredo and Sérgio Rogal spent two years without selling absolutely nothing until the company started with a new product and receive the Finep innovation award in 2006. Since then, the business never stopped growing and in January 2016, sold 50% of its operation to the Positivo Informática.

In December, the Hi Technologies has gained more recognition to put on the shelf. The company was the big winner of the successful entrepreneur award, which recognizes 2016 the best entrepreneurs of the year, sponsored by small businesses & great deals, in partnership with Insper, Angels of Brazil and Conaje. Thanks to the entrepreneurs award stamp cover of PEGN Anniversary Edition.

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